During the school year there are several events.  The five main events are the following:
  • All Saints Day Parade – We celebrate All Saints Day by having the children dress up in a saint costume of the parent’s choice.  Parents are invited to the school to watch the parade.  A small party celebration is after the parade.
  • Christmas Parade – Your hearts will be filled with Christmas joy after watching the children act out the birth of Jesus.  The play is filled with Christmas songs and Christmas cheer.  The play is held across the street from the preschool in the auditorium.
  • Christmas Party – We celebrate Jesus’ birthday with a Christmas party on the last day of school before Christmas vacation begins.  Parents are invited to the school to watch the children as they are awakened from their naps by Santa Claus and given a special Christmas gift.  The day ends with a Christmas party that will fill our hearts with the Christmas spirit.
  • Spring Show – At the end of March the children show off their talent during the spring show.  You will be proud to see the hard work and dedication your child puts into the performance.  The show is filled with beautiful costumes, exciting music and superb  dancing!
  • Easter Party – The Easter season and the resurrection of Jesus is celebrated with an Easter party.  Parents are invited to the school to watch the children enjoy an Easter egg hunt and take pictures with the Easter bunny!